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Lianne La Havas

Quickly becoming one of the most buzzed about UK artists, Lianne La Havas is turning heads from the likes of Stevie Wonder and Prince with her debut record, "Is Your Love Big Enough." In fact, the record was just announced as the Itunes album of the year for 2012. Lianne carries an elegant R&B style voice that is layered over spirited beats, love, hate, jazz, and beauty. Her tender soul-pop groove, combined with her artful lyrics takes you on a thrilling musical journey.

Follow Lianne at @liannelahavas

If you are local, I encourage you to get tickets to her Nashville Sunday night show here


Is Your Love Big Enough?


Belmont University Urban/Pop Showcase

This Saturday, October 20th, the Belmont University Showcase Team will be putting on another stellar show, The Urban Pop showcase. If you are unfamiliar with this series, every show is run exclusively by Belmont students. This is an opportunity for students to fine tune their skill and express their creativity.

As always we have a great line-up of artists. Selected to perform this year are Rayvon Owen, The Skeleton At The Feast, David Smith, and The Bluejays. I was fortunate to get to sit down and talk each artist for the show and pick their brain.



The Kingston Springs

Twenty minutes southwest of nashville you will find a town called Kingston Springs. Home to about 3,000 people where the only forms of entertainment are fishing and trips to Sonic. However recently people all over the world are now associating Kingston Springs with their new favorite band. Rocketing out that small town, The Kingston Springs have played high profile music festivals such as Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza, and South by Southwest. With a mix of blues, rock-n-roll, surf, and straight up soul the band has an edgy but groovy feel that can only be described with a listen. Their debut, self titled album was released on Oct. 2nd. Keeping to their roots of a classic feel, the record was tracked straight to tape in Ian's, the lead singer's, family studio.

I was fortunate enough to hear them live at Nashville's Live on the Green. Listening to the record is one thing, but experiencing this band live is a whole different story. Their set was filled with rich vocal melodies, full bodied harmonica, and tasteful transitions between rhythmic rock-n-roll and a sexy soul groove. I was very impressed and can't wait for them to come to town again.

Make sure to buy the new record here

@tkingstonspring // facebook.com/thekingstonsprings

Also keep up with their tour schedule!

Weight of This World

Sa Betise


Jonathan Boulet

Jonathan Boulet

Stretching to Australia we find Jonathan Boulet, a interesting character with a knack for creation. Jonathan is a very proud Aussie who uses his many musical gifts to show the world great Australian music. His lastest solo project, "We Keep the Beat, Found the Sound, See the Need, Start the Heart", was released this past June. He self produced the album in his parents garage (the same one he produced is debut album in). I imagine Einstein in his laboratory, with Jonathan creating lots of noise and experimenting with different sounds by bringing in the strangest objects to strum, hit, and pluck. The album blossoms out of the swirling, rhythmic drum patterns that drive each song. Behind the forest tribe vibe you will find layers of chorus vocals, and building melodies. One thing that Jonathan does a great job at is creating intriguing music. He very much wants each of his songs to be up for interpretation. Check out a couple of his songs below and see how you can relate.

Unfortunately, it looks like he will not be coming to states anytime soon but keep up with Mr. Boulet on his website.

This Song is Called Ragged

You're a Animal


Mumford & Sons new record 'Babel'

Today is the day that Mumford & Sons fans have been waiting for. Their sophomore album 'Babel' was finally released after gnawing anticipation. Following their multi-platinum album 'Sign No More' Mumford & Sons keep the folk-rock, fist pumping, anthem raising, and authentic sound that brought them to the top in the first place.

One thing I really enjoy about this album is how vulnerable it is. From Marcus' writing, to the bands chords and melodies, you as a listener can feel the depth of each song. In an interview with WRUF when asked about the development of the album they responded, "A lot of songs come together on the road and develop in front of an audience. That is a big side of our writing and our musicianship". They also spoke about how while cutting the record they really enjoyed focusing on capturing the tenderness and delicate moments of their songs. This focus is what I think gives Babel so much dynamic.

With this record Mumford & Sons has perfected their sound. The band has taken the time to fine tune each song while still maintaining the gritty emotion that distinguishes them. The record is full of big and thundering choruses as well as stunning four part harmonies. While listening to the record I was propelled into such a thought provoking journey that I had to hear it again and again. I have high hopes for this record littering charts and award shows.

Purchase Babel here.

Keep updated with Mumford & Sons on their website.


Broken Crown


Belmont University Christian Showcase

If you didn't know, I attend Belmont University and will graduate in May 2013 (shameless plug: My degree will be in music business and I am on the job hunt. That means if you know anyone in the industry...). Belmont does a fantastic job providing students with opportunities to gain experience and reveal their talent through showcase series. Every year the Belmont showcase series hosts 6 or 7 shows on the campus with an attendance of 2,000+. Each show is all student run from the planning to the production of the event. It is quite amazing what these students can create.



Edward Sharpe Unreleased Track!

Who loves some Edward Sharpe? Good me too! We have some great news!

Here you can listen to their unreleased track Give Me A Sign!

Give Me A Sign

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

Straight out of LA from 2007, this band is FANTASTIC. Mix up folk, indie, rock, and just plain hippie and out pops Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Lead singer Alex Ebert stumbled upon his counterpart, Jade Castrinos and decided to start a band. And obviously, they did quite a good job. The now 10-member band makes you want to stop what you're doing, jump up, and just start dancing. Personally, that's exactly what I look for in a band. In 2009, they toured with Mumford and Sons and Old Crow Medicine Show and were later featured on Emmett Malloy's documentary, "Big Easy Express". See a full list of tours at http://edwardsharpeandthemagneticzeros.com/ or https://twitter.com/EdwardSharpe

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